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This is my 23rd year online as a trusted consumer advocate. 

I don't sell carpet anymore, and my online articles and unbiased carpet information is free to everyone. I created my websites to help consumers choose new carpet wisely, to have a successful carpet buying experience, to save time and money, and to learn how to avoid common carpet scams. To be completely successful buying new carpet, I believe that consumers must have unfettered access to complete, honest and accurate carpet information. 


Homeowners need to know how to select a carpet & pad that meets their needs and goals, have it installed properly and get a fair & square deal. Selecting new carpet is not as easy as it sounds and it's more difficult today than ever before. Most homeowners don't take the time to learn how to choose new carpet wisely, and without honest and accurate information homeowners often select the wrong carpet, overpay or get a bad installation job. 


Learning how to properly select the right carpet at a great price is very important, but buying from a reputable carpet dealer is perhaps the most critical factor of all. As with any major purchase or investment, homeowners deserve first-class service before, during, and especially AFTER the sale. 


Through my 30+ years in the carpet business, I have encountered so many dishonest, unreliable and untrustworthy Carpet dealers. Some Carpet dealers only care about making huge profits and will use deceptive or misleading advertising to lure you in. While I can't point out all the bad Carpet retailers in America, I can tell you which Carpet dealers I recommend. 


Since I started my Consumers Carpet Information project back in 1998, my readers have wanted to know who I recommend they buy from, that's why I finally decided to put together my own special list of Preferred Carpet Dealers across America. It's taken me  years to compile my list and I still work on it every day. 



The High Cost of Retail Carpet Advertising

I know you have watched thousands of TV commercials from many carpet and flooring retailers. Those TV ad campaigns cost a fortune. The Big Box retailers have deep pockets and they advertise relentlessly. They keep track of their responses to determine one important fact: How much does each new customer cost us?  


For example, If a big box store like home depot spends $5,000 on one TV commercial and it yields 20 new customers, then the cost per customer is $250. This is a realistic advertising cost for many carpet retailers. Once they figure out exactly how much it costs to attract each new customer they can then adjust the price of their products to offset their advertising costs. The more they have to spend to attract new customers, the more they have to charge YOU for the products they sell.



Why is Carpet Advertising Cost important for homeowners to know? 

A small display ad in the yellow pages can easily cost a carpet retailer or dealer $1000 per month or more. Newspaper ads and direct mailing are costly too and rarely yield good results. 


I want you to rest assured that I won't make a dime from your carpet purchase no matter who you decide to buy from. In fact, most of my preferred dealers have agreed to honor my coupon to say thank you for your business and because I help them reduce their high cost of advertising! It is a win-win situation for everyone!


"Knowing which Carpet to buy is just as important as knowing where to buy Carpet" 



Unscrupulous Carpet Retailers Don't Care About You! They Just Want Your Money!

Unscrupulous carpet retailers use sneaky sales tactics to trick you out of your hard-earned money and may sell you carpet that does not meet your needs. Many carpet salespeople lack sufficient product knowledge and experience and may steer you in the wrong direction. I believe that it is very important that you only buy carpet from experienced, locally owned carpet dealers who have experienced and knowledgeable salespeople. I personally locate each and every carpet dealer in my directory and only place those on my list of Preferred Carpet Dealers who meet my guidelines and requirements. 


Visit My Preferred Dealers - Print my Discount Coupon and tell them I referred you!

When you visit any Carpet Dealer from my list of Preferred Carpet Dealers please let them know that you found their business listed in my Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory at to ensure that you get your absolute best deal. I want to hear about your experiences with any carpet dealer you choose to buy from and I welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. 



Alan's Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory


Where to Buy Carpet? It's hard to find an honest and reputable carpet dealer! That's why I have created a special list of hand-picked carpet retailers who I believe are reputable, locally owned, give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and hire qualified installers.  See who I recommend near you!



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