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Where to Buy Carpet?  The High Cost of Advertising


I know you have watched thousands of TV commercials from carpet and flooring retailers. Those TV ad campaigns cost a fortune. The Big Box retailers have deep pockets and advertise relentlessly. 


They keep good track of their advertising campaign to learn one important fact: How much does cost us to attract each new customer? 


For example, If a carpet retailer spends $50,000 on a TV commercial and it yields 200 new customers, then their "cost per each new customer" is $250. This is a realistic cost of advertising for many carpet and flooring retailers. 


Once they figure out exactly how much it costs to attract each new customer they can then adjust the price of their products to offset their advertising costs. The more they spend on advertising to attract new customers, the more they have to charge YOU for their products and services.


Why is this important for you to know? 


The amount of money that a carpet retailer spends on advertising can have a significant effect on the price you end up paying for your new carpet. 


Did you know that a small display ad in the yellow pages can easily cost $1000 per month or more. Newspaper ads, radio and direct mailing campaigns are quite costly too and don't often yield good results. 


The Carpet dealers I have listed in my Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory save a ton of money on advertising costs. So when you mention that I referred you, it reveals that you are a very special customer and that allows them to give you their absolute best carpet deal possible! 


This is why it is so important for you to mention that I referred you!


You should know that I am never paid a commission or receive an affiliate fee from your carpet purchase no matter who you decide to buy from. In fact, most of my preferred dealers agree to honor my free $100 coupon because I help them reduce their high cost of advertising!




Alan's Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory


It's hard to find an honest and reputable carpet dealer these days! That's why I created my own special list of hand-picked carpet and flooring retailers who are reputable, locally owned, give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and hire qualified installers. 

Don't take chances... See who I recommend near you!







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Learn about Carpet Fibers - Stainmaster, Smartstrand  How to Buy New Carpet Remnants Wisely!


What Grade of Carpet Should I Buy?   Carpet Buyer's Checklist   Carpet Scams


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