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Homeowner Testimonials


Homeowner testimonials for The Complete Carpet Buying Guide by Alan Fletcher, 30-year Carpet expert and trusted consumer advocate.


Reading your e-book and following your advice saved us $800 from start to finish. The fact you provided your email contact information, quickly answered the emails I sent you, and provided personalized advice is a rare and unparalleled service that I greatly appreciated. It’s not common to find customer service as good as yours. I hope your business prospers and thanks for your help.    Steve

"Hi, I ordered your e-book back in July and I just love it! So many things I didn't know...now when I see super cheap carpet I bet it isn't nylon!  I haven't gotten too far in the purchasing process,  I'm hoping this week is the week to start shopping." Thanks, Laura L.

"Just to say thanks for all your brilliant info. I'm about to buy new carpeting for most of my house and your book has made the task of choosing what type to buy very much easier. Thanks again, Sue Clark

"First things first.....thank you, thank you, thank you. I have learned more about carpeting, padding and installation in the last hour than I have learned in my 63 plus years on this earth.  It's obvious that your endeavors to educate others in this major purchase is a labor of love. Many thanks and best regards,  Nancy Boem 

"I would like to say that I appreciate your book- I didn't realize that carpet buying could be so complicated but am glad for the information since it is such a large financial investment"  Matt Walters

"After reading your excellent book we are selecting a nylon Frieze rather than a Berber for our master bedroom, hall and staircase".  Dr. Paul H.

"I purchased your online book and read it all in one night! Your book was a life-saver.  I really felt like I asked the right questions!"   Peggy Robertson

"Hi, Alan.  After shopping for months and visiting six local flooring stores, my husband and I found that we were very confused about carpet buying.  I went to your web site, downloaded your book and, after reading it, felt better equipped to go out again into the world of carpet." Mrs. George O.

"I just purchased and read your excellent e-book.  Thank you very much! It answered so many questions for me, Thanks again for all your help". Teresa P.

I have read your ebook and it has really made this process of getting carpet rather fun. I really appreciate your book and the time and detail you spent on its contents. I was very surprised with your quick e-mail answers too.  Thank you!! I really appreciate your service. It is great!!   Mitch D. 

Hi Alan, Your book, "The Complete Carpet Buying Guide" has helped me so much & I highly recommend it to anyone.  I have even recommended it to a couple of people at work who were looking for carpet buying tips. It taught me all about the different types & styles of carpeting and had lots of tips on the ins-and-outs of buying carpeting. Some of the best tips were those that helped the customer from being fooled by carpet salesmen. It is a very valuable tool when carpet shopping and most helpful because it is so difficult to "compare" what you like at different stores.  Thanks for all the helpful information & tips !! Lois N. 

Your book is great. You saved me $2400! I read it straight through. With the knowledge from you, I feel that I am able judge a carpet, afford a carpet with great quality because of the fair price. Without the knowledge, I would have gotten ripped off and bought some middle of the line carpet. Thank you for writing the book. Anita O.

I recently bought your e-book "The Complete Carpet Buying Guide" online and read it in one day.  Thanks so much for this work, it has really helped me out in more ways than one and it has really made this process of getting carpet rather fun.  Mitch R.

I have read your e book twice now and my wife just read it. We are baffled as to how to stupid we would be if we went the route most people do. We had no idea. Thanks for an extraordinary education and have a magnificent weekend. Michael

Alan, I ordered your book yesterday and really appreciate all the information you offer.  This is an education I didn’t want to take the time to get, but know now how necessary it is. Thank you so much for your help. Sue T.

Hello Alan, Thank you for all your information. I found your ebook to be very helpful. The salespeople respected my knowledge and the process went much faster. Thank You, Kathy

Dear Alan, Thank you so much for the ebook. I read the entire thing tonight, took notes, and am ready to tackle the marvelous world of carpet.  I learned SO much and feel much more prepared to go shopping while my husband is gone.  You have provided an incredible service to everyone who scours your website and/or reads your book. I'll let you know how it goes so you can add me to your success stories. THANK YOU!!! Victoria

Hello Alan, Thank you very much for your response and of course for your wonderful ebook. If ever there is a comprehensive, well-written, concise ebook about carpet and the carpet buying experience this is it. I have already recommend it to several people I know who are undergoing the same experience as I. Very Best Regards, George H.

Hello Alan: I downloaded your e-book a couple of months ago and now I am in the process of trying to choose carpet.  I read your book (a couple of times) and found it very helpful.  Thank you for this and for your informative book. Sincerely, Marilyn T.


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