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Carpet Installation Fees and Charges

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Residential carpet installation prices vary widely in the United States but you can figure the highest prices are in the Northeastern States, and in the Pacific Northwest.


The lowest installation prices are in Southern states like California, Texas and Southern Florida. Basically the farther south you go, the lower the price for carpet installation will be.


Carpet installers usually charge more per yard for Berber styles, as they are more difficult to work with and require more expertise. Add a dollar per yard for Berber styles in the southern states and $2.00 per yard in the northern states.


Common Extra Carpet Installation charges:

  • Stairs - some charge up to $15 per step.

  • Transitions - Usually charged by the foot. 

  • Furniture moving - usually $35 to $50 per hour, per person.

  • Removing old carpet and pad - $1.00 to $3.00 per yard. 

  • Dump fees - as much as $50 to $100 per load.


Carpet Measuring - Carpet dealers should never charge for measuring. Installers may charge you a small fee to measure your home and provide a simple diagram. They will usually refund your fee if you hire them to do the install. 

Weekend work -  There may be an added charge for working nights and weekends.


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What should I pay for Carpet Installation?


In the Southern States like Florida, Alabama, Texas and Mississippi the price carpet installers charge is considerably less than in the northern states. Prices per square yard range from $2.50 to $6.50 nationwide with higher prices in the Northeastern States and along the West Coast. 


Carpet Installation Prices are higher in states where installers are required to have a state-issued contractors license, surety bond and business liability insurance. These requirements are designed to protect the homeowner and provide a method for recourse if the carpet installer does not perform quality workmanship or fulfill his obligations. 


If you plan to hire an independent installer


It's important that you check your carpet installer's references and check to make sure the carpet installer you hire is licensed with your state contracting agency if required. Check to make sure he has a surety bond if required by your state and also check to make sure he has current business liability insurance. 


See if your state has licensing requirements for carpet installers; 


All State Contractor License Requirements & Regulations - Carpet & Flooring



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