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Berber Carpet Question?


Q. We are looking for a new carpet for our basement family room.  This is the main entry for the family through the garage and also for the muddy paws of the family dog from the back yard.  We have been considering a "high end" Berber but my husband has become concerned about the low melting point of the Olefin fiber (170 degrees). There is a fireplace in the family room but we have a fire resistant rug in front of the hearth. Considering all these factors, what would you suggest as the best carpet choice for us? 



I have installed Looped Berber styles for many people who have a similar scenario as you and I have also replaced Berber in many a home where Looped Berbers have become ruined in a hurry. I would never even consider a looped-Berber with pets or kids, too many factors can ruin the carpet. Not only do they snag and run easily, but a fireplace can shoot out a hot coal and quickly melt the fibers. Looped Berbers are difficult and costly to repair. 


I suggest you consider a nylon frieze style, or perhaps a cut-pile Berber style (no loops). Something with a multicolor or speckled look that will help hide dirt and any other unknown substances that may find its way into the family room. A frieze style carpet will tolerate a lot more abuse and can be repaired much more easily than can a looped Berber style. 



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