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Carpet Styles -  What Homeowners need to know

By Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert & Consumer Advocate


PLUSH Carpet Styles


This type of carpet is usually one solid color and has a smooth, even pile height. During manufacturing, the tufts of this type of carpet are sheared to make the pile perfectly flat. It is the most popular style used in homes and apartments today. 


You can find practically any color imaginable. When made of nylon this type of carpet cleans easily and will wear well if properly maintained. Plush carpets will definitely show footprints and vacuum marks so if that is a major concern you need to choose a different style of carpet.





This plush carpet style often has more than one color of yarn and has varying tuft heights, thus reducing footprint and vacuum marks. The shorter the pile height, the less footprints and vacuum marks will show. This style is very popular and comes in virtually every color imaginable and has about the same cost as a plush style carpet. 


Learn more about Carpet Selection



FRIEZE Carpet Styles (my favorite)


This style of carpet has very tightly twisted tufts and wears very well. This style of carpet, when made of nylon, can last 15 years or more. It is often used in heavy traffic areas and provides reduced footprint and vacuum marks. Typically more expensive than plush styles, this would be a durable and elegant selection for the home.



SCULPTURED Carpet Styles


This type of carpet has two types of tufts used in its construction, one is looped and one is not, which gives this carpet a hi-low appearance. The color usually varies in shade from light to dark and is rich in appearance. Not as popular as it was during the 70's and 80's, it is often used in apartments today because it hides dirt very well.



SAXONY Carpet Styles


A cut pile carpet in a relatively dense erect configuration,   Has well-defined individual tuft tips (this means it is easy to see each tuft on the surface of the carpet, giving it a rougher look or appearance). Similar to a plush style, but with thicker, beefier tufts. Learn more about Carpet Fibers



BERBER Carpet Styles (looped)


This has become quite popular in recent years because of its elegant appearance. The tufts are looped and aligned in rows for a clean uniform look. When choosing this carpet be sure to select one with smaller loops to get the best wear. Large looped Berbers tend to collapse quickly and look worn-out sooner. 

I donít recommend Berber style carpet in apartments or homes with small children or domestic pets as this carpet can snag and run easily and is difficult to repair. This style of carpet is usually made of Olefin fiber but is also available in nylon and is a much better option if you want it to last more than 7 years. Learn more about Berber Style Carpets





This style of Berber is not really a Berber at all. It does not have loops. It has a similar appearance of a plush style carpet but has a multicolored appearance, a speckled look. Usually the main color is light with darker flecks of color throughout.






Level Loop and Cut Pile Carpet Styles


Commercial carpets are generally used in offices and commercial applications where there is heavy traffic. There are two types I want to mention. Commercial Level loop has small loops and Commercial Cut Pile is a short napped plush type of carpet. Both are usually made of nylon or olefin. 


Recent advancements in olefin fibers have allowed for a carpet with brighter colors and more durability than previously available. Commercial carpet is usually glued directly to the floor although it can be installed over 1/4" high-density (6 to 8 pound) padding. 


Any looped carpet can easily snag and run, and for that reason is not often used in residential settings where there are children or pets. This may be a good choice considering this carpet lasts a long time and takes a beating! The negative aspect of using commercial carpet is that this type of carpet is much thinner than non-commercial carpets and is not as soft underfoot.  



Learn about Selecting the Right Carpet Pad


There are many more carpet styles available that are not mentioned here. A visit to a reputable flooring dealer can help you find the right carpet style to meet your needs and goals. Be careful though, make sure you buy from an honest and reputable, locally owned flooring dealer. 




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