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Ask the Carpet Expert!

By Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert & Consumer Advocate


Question: I just found your website when looking up information on carpets. What a great information center!

We looking at buying a carpet from a home improvement warehouse we like very much, though on the high price side ($39.00 square yard  installed).  It's a Gulistan Tactesse nylon with face weight 65; density 3.966; twist 6.50; and performance rating of 4.25.  We think it will look beautiful and last for the rest of our lives (we are 60 and 65 years).  


Since we have grandchildren visiting, we like the stain master feature and feel it's good quality.  But do you think we are spending too much for the carpet?  

We also looked at another Gulistan textured nylon (wear dated but no stain master) with face weight 55;  twist 4.75; performance rating 3.90.  Price on this was $23.59 SF installed.  Not as nice as the above, but looked like a good piece of carpet. What do you think? Appreciate and value your opinion before making this large purchase (135 square yards).


Answer: The "soft" nylon fiber you have mentioned for $39 per yard installed is a relatively new type of nylon fiber. It has only been available for a few years. It is designed to resemble the appearance and texture of wool, and they have priced it accordingly. The other carpet you mentioned is also a nice carpet that would last for a long time. In my opinion, the "soft" nylon fiber carpet for $39.00 is  a bit overpriced, but if you can afford it then buy it. If you want to save money and have a more durable, longer lasting carpet, then choose the textured Nylon. 


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Question: We are looking for a new carpet for our basement family room.  This is the main entry for the family through the garage and also for the muddy paws of the family dog from the back yard.  We have been considering a "high end" Berber but my husband has become concerned about the low melting point of the olefin fiber (170 degrees). 


There is a fireplace in the family room but we have a fire resistant rug in front of the hearth. Considering all these factors, what would you suggest as the best carpet choice for us? 


Answer: I have installed Looped Berber styles for many people who have a similar scenario as you and I have also replaced the Berber in many a home where it has become ruined in a hurry. Berber is Berber, expensive or not, it still is made the same way and with the same materials.  I would never even consider a looped-Berber with pets or kids, too many factors can ruin the carpet. The fireplace will probably shoot out a hot coal and a big hole will result right in the middle of the room. 


I suggest a nylon frieze style, or perhaps a cut-pile Berber style (no loops). Something with a multicolor or speckled look that will help hide mud and any other unknown substances that may find its way into the family room. A frieze will tolerate a lot of abuse and can be repaired more easily than a Looped-Berber if you find a burned spot. 


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As a 30-year carpet expert and consumer advocate, it's my goal to help all consumers save time and money on carpet and avoid carpet scams.



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