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Carpet Styles for 2024


Which Carpet Style Should I Choose?




PlushThis style of carpet is usually one solid color and has a smooth, even pile height. During manufacturing, the tufts of this style of carpet are sheared to make the pile surface perfectly flat. It is the most popular style used in homes and apartments today. 


You can find Plush Styles in practically every color imaginable. When made of nylon this type of carpet cleans easily and will wear very well if properly maintained. Plush style carpets will show footprints and vacuum marks. Learn more About carpet fibers






Textured PlushThis plush carpet style often has more than one color of yarn and has varying tuft height, thus reducing footprint and vacuum marks. It comes in many colors and has about the same cost as an even pile height plush style. This is a good carpet style for kids, and when treated with a anti-stain chemical is easy to maintain and spot clean.




High / Low (Sculptured)


Sculptured Carpet

This style has looped and cut tufts creating a sculptured or manicured look. Generally this style is made with a high cut-pile and a low loop pile to create a sculptured looking design. 


This style is usually made using two or more colors to help hide dirt and show less vacuum marks and footprints. The color usually varies in shade from light to dark and is rich in appearance. The popularity of this style was in its heyday back in the 1960's and in recent years has become a popular choice for apartment owners because it hides dirt very well.




FRIEZE (my favorite)


Frieze styleThis style of carpet has very tightly twisted tufts which is why it is more durable and resists matting and crushing of the pile. The tufts are not straight like a plush style, rather they are crooked, or wiggly in appearance. 


I think it makes any room look fantastic. It is often used in heavy traffic areas and provides reduced footprint and vacuum marks. Typically more expensive than plush styles, a Frieze style would be a durable and elegant selection for any home.






Saxony carpet styleThis cut-pile style has a relatively dense erect tuft configuration, and has well-defined individual tuft tips (this means it is easy to see each tuft on the surface of the carpet, (giving it a rugged look or beefed up appearance).  Similar to a plush style, I think of it like a textured plush on steroids! 






Berber Carpet stylesBerber showed up in the marketplace back in the early 1980's and has become quite popular in recent years because of its elegant appearance. The tufts are usually looped and aligned in rows for a clean uniform look. Some Berber styles have loops and cut loops allowing for an elegant sculptured appearance. Some Berber styles have patterns using cut loops and loops.


When choosing this carpet be sure to select a style with smaller loops to get the best wear, like the one shown above. Larger looped Berber styles tend to collapse more quickly and look worn-out sooner. Learn more about Berber Carpet styles here.



CUT PILE BERBER aka as "California Berber"


California Berber Carpet StyleThis style of Berber is not a looped Berber like most of you have seen, in fact it is more like a frieze. It does not have any loops because the loops have been cut which is why they call it a "Cut" Berber. It has a similar appearance of a plush or Frieze style carpet but has a multicolored appearance, a speckled egg appearance. 


Buying a Cut Berber made of Nylon is the best way to go if you want it to last the longest.  Usually the main color is off white (or a lighter shade) with colorful highlights and flecks of deep blues, reds and green colors throughout. What you need to know About Carpet Fibers



collage of various commercial carpet styles.




Level Loop and Cut Pile

commercial level loop style installed without padding. Commercial carpets are generally used in offices and commercial applications where there is very heavy traffic. There are three types I want to mention. 


Level Loop has small loops and Cut Pile is a very short napped (1/4" to 3/8" thickness is common) plush type of carpet. Both are usually made of Nylon or Olefin (Polypropylene). Commercial carpets are designed to tolerate heavy foot traffic. 



Even when made from Olefin, commercial grade looped styles tend to wear like iron. Why? Because the loops are very small and tightly packed together, and the pile height is very low usually less than 3/8". This is the one of the biggest secrets to what makes carpet more durable. You can also consider a combination of level loop and cut-pile to get a Cut and Loop Style. The possibilities are endless and the colors and patterns available is amazing.


Cut and Loop Commercial carpet style. On the other side of the coin, larger looped Berbers that are not very dense and have a pile higher than 3/8", tend to mat down faster and look worn out more quickly in main traffic lanes. 


Commercial grade carpets can be installed over a thin padding or glued directly to the floor without a pad. Gluing in down without a pad will yield the best results, especially if you are looking for a carpet that will last a long time and take a beating.




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